Vintage Luxury Procured with You in Mind

Vas and Lux is a small, woman owned business dedicated to finding the perfect vessel and home decor for everyone. Our candles are hand poured in small batches with the most ethical and luxurious products on the market and our home goods are conscientiously hand-picked from countries across the globe.

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Pick a scent that's perfect for you

Floral. Citrus. Earthy. Seasonal. We have an array of scents to choose from. Order a sample today!


  • Candle Trivets

    Form or function? These trivets can be both! Place one of these vintage beauties under a candle to add visual layering to your decor or protect your furniture from the candles heat. Hand picked for their lustre and shape they are sure to fit any style.

  • Solid Perfume

    Our potent solid perfumes are made with all natural ingredients that both scent and moisturize when applied.

  • Nearly Perfect

    Nearly perfect pieces may have minor imperfections that do not impact the integrity of the product but instead add a charming touch. These delightful imperfections are too precious to simply discard. As a result, our listed prices automatically reflect a reduction to account for these slight flaws.


Home Decor

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  • Created Just For You

    Customize your ideal scent and unique vessel pairing to create the perfect addition to your home or a special gift for someone dear to you.

  • Match Holders

    Enhance your candle experience with our exquisite matchstick holders, thoughtfully selected to perfectly complement the elegance and sophistication of your luxury vas & Lux candle. Choose from a variety of unique options to find the ideal matchstick holder that not only serves its practical purpose but also adds an extra touch of refinement to your curated space.

  • All Natural Wax

    Our Apricot and Coconut Wax is not only incredibly smooth and luxurious, but it is also completely safe to burn within the confines of your home. Unlike many commercially available candles that are made from paraffin wax, our wax is non-carcinogenic. This means that you can enjoy the wonderful fragrance and ambiance of our candles without any worries about harmful emissions. Rest assured, our candles are a safe choice for your entire household, including your beloved family members and pets.

Timeless Luxury

Procured with you in mind.